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I thank and wish all the luck to the instructors, maintenance crew and the members of US Aviation Academy for my successful journey to become a commercial pilot.

— Deepankar S.


The flight school’s International Student director worked with me to help me reach my personal deadlines. He also made sure that I trained in accordance with the government regulations from my country (Indian DGCA).

— Pratik J.


I am very happy with US Aviation Academy.  In the 45 days since I have been here I have attained my Private Pilot License and am having great success so far in my Instrument training.  I am now in the Instrument ground school course and find it to be an efficient way to learn much information quickly.  Thank you for helping me become a Commercial Pilot!

— Satish B.


To US Aviation Academy: Thank you for helping me attain my Commercial Pilot with your school. I have been selected for a most prestigious company, Indian Airlines, flying an A320 with pay of $4000 per month. I will be happy to recommend as many of my friends and family as possible to join your school. All the best

— Y.C.

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