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Certified Flight Instructor

Certified Flight Instructor

Thank you for your interest in US Aviation Academy for our Certified Flight Instructor position. We are currently hiring CFIs for our Denton and Sherman locations. US Aviation can help you achieve your goals whether it is quickly meeting your ATP minimums to move on to the airlines, or to find advancement opportunities within our company. USAA takes pride in being the stepping stone toward your dream as a career Pilot. With regional airline partners frequently visiting our campuses, you will be able to gather the information you need to make the best decisions once you meet your required time. Come join our flight line to gain unmatched experience as US Aviation Academy soars into the new year with major flight time goals.

US Aviation SunsetPosition overview

It is important to us for you as an instructor to understand your impact on the USAA motto, “Training the World”. US Aviation has been CAAC-approved since 2007 and contracts with the major Chinese airlines to train cadets from Private to Commercial and Turbine Transition. In 2007 we were authorized for just 30 students per year. Today US Aviation is authorized for 340 across both campuses. While the CAAC contracts play a large part of US Aviation, we also train Domestic students, Veterans, and many other international students from all around the globe.


  • Certified Flight Instructor
  • Current First/Second Class Medical
  • Eligibility to work in the U.S.
  • Instrument Instructor (CFI-I) strongly preferred
  • Proficient in steam gauge and GNS430
  • Multi-Engine Instructor (MEI) preferred

Compensation & Benefits

  • Competitive pay up to $35 per hour (Contact recruitment to learn more)*
  • Ability to earn 100 flight hours per month
  • $2500 Sign-on Bonus
  • Regional Airline partnerships/pathways
  • 30 days free corporate housing and relocation allowance
  • Significant discounts on additional Instructor ratings
  • Part-141 self-examining authority
  • Advancement Opportunities (Check-airmen/Group Leader)
  • Large fleet with on campus maintenance

Application Process

  • Click the button below to submit an application
  • Email Resume and Certificates to Erica Mahan:
  • USAA will contact you via email
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Relocating? Out of state? No problem!

US Aviation will provide transportation and Marriott hotel for your Technical Interview, plus a relocation allotment for your move of $500. USAA offers 30 free days of corporate housing so you may rest a little easier when looking for a place to live. We ask that you do not sign any contract or leasing agreement prior to location designation.

Standardization Class

Every month there will be a new intake “Stands Class” scheduled 0900 – 1700, Monday through Friday. This class is intended to indoctrinate and/or standardize the US Aviation Academy curriculum, flight operations, standard operating procedures, internal flight scheduling system and more. Lunch will be included each day, and quite possibly provided by one of our regional partners along with their presentation!

Airline Partnerships

For those planning to fly for a Major Airline, US Aviation Academy not only understands your goal, but encourages it. As a Flight Instructor at US Aviation Academy, there will be consistent opportunities to network with our partners as they often visit to recruit and share programs specifically for Airline Transport Pilots. USAA is the first flight school that partnered with the Envoy pipeline program and provides them with more flight instructors than any other partner. Right now, 20% of our flight instructors are a part of the Envoy Cadet program. US Aviation Academy is also affiliated with Skywest Airlines, Republic Airline, PSA, Piedmont, and GoJet Airlines to show we mean it when we say, “The stepping stone to your future career”.

CFI Advancement Opportunities at USAA

Whether you are looking to become one of our Check Airmen to gain the experience of evaluating a student for their End-of-Course exam, a Group Leader to ensure that we are always “On Time and On Budget” with our contracts, or to work your way up to a C90 King Air Instructor, US Aviation Academy will be constantly looking to promote our current instructors that go above and beyond. Because of the airlines’ aggressive hiring of our talented instructors, these positions are often available during an instructor’s tenure.


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